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Southampton Harbour Wedding

– Holly & Mike –

Holly and Michael’s Southampton Harbour Wedding was my first at the new Southampton Harbour Hotel in Ocean Village.

This venue is so unique and absolutely stunning with windows that are almost 360° around the hotel. This lets in endless amounts of light and provides a beautiful backdrop of the marina.



Their ceremony was at the lovely Dibden All Saints Church which is also lined with windows all down one side. I was very much treated to some beautiful lighting today!



I was also treated to a boat ride with the bride and groom and two friends from Hythe Marina right over to the dock that sits on the side of the hotel.

On our way over, as everyone else had to take the slow route in the cars, we stopped the boat for a couple of photos. With Netley Abbey on the shore behind us, it was such a beautiful location for photographs. As we made our way over to the hotel all the guests had grouped on the balcony to wave in the bride and groom.


Southampton Harbour Wedding


We made our way up to the party and the new Mr and Mrs Pascoe were announced into the beautifully large reception room. It looked amazing! A subtle nautical theme throughout with a built-in backdrop of the sea.

The cake and cupcakes took pride in place and smelt as good as they looked! Out on the balcony overlooking the marina we took the group shots. That view just had to be made the most of!

Around the hotel, there are several stunning features that are just so perfect to take the bride and groom off to for bridal portraits. This included two ultra-modern spiral staircases, a private balcony and even a moss wall. The staircases were so much fun to use for photographs and produced something a little bit different!

The private balcony was also lovely to get those real uninterrupted moments with the bride and groom. Away from the hustle and bustle of the guests that were out of sight on the balcony below us.


Southampton Harbour Wedding


I just couldn’t get over the light in the main room, especially during the speeches. The space in that room also made it so easy to subtly move about the room capturing all sorts of different views of the action. There were so many laughs during the speeches. As usual, the best man was the source of most of them and the groom the victim of most of them!

After the wedding breakfast was cleared away the wedding party released some balloons from the balcony to remember all the loved ones that couldn’t be there with them. Such a lovely touch which everyone enjoyed.


Southampton Harbour Wedding


As the sun was going down outside those glorious windows around us it was time to cut that amazing cake and do the first dance! The dance floor in this room is huge, with space for everyone to crowd around it and eventually join in with the dance too.



Just before the first dance, I had snuck the bride and groom off for a quick photo we had discussed the week before whilst walking around the venue. Outside the front of the hotel, there are lots of spotlights lining the pavement and I had one particular idea of how to use them. My umbrella shot! It was just as I had imagined, magical!


Southampton Harbour Wedding


I had such a great day capturing Holly and Mike’s Southampton Harbour Wedding day. With stunning venues, boats, smiles and views. What more could you want?