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Surprise Proposal Photography In the New Forest Hampshire

New Forest Proposal

Surprise Proposal Photography

I’ve been lucky enough to be asked to photograph a number of proposals now, some as part of a pre planned photoshoot, some I hid in the bushes and one or two I was just as unaware as the person being asked!

This particular proposal was a hiding-in-the-bushes scenario!
I was contacted by Alex who was planning to pop the question to his girlfriend Charlotte on a trip away in the New Forest. As they weren’t from the area he asked me for suggestions, one of which he loved and suited the cover story of a dog walk with their three adorable sausage dogs.
A lot of planning goes into these secret proposals to make sure we are both in the right spot at the right time! A few days before the big moment I set off with my dog and toddler in tow to record the route for Alex to remember. (I did have to speed it up a tad as I was walking at toddler speed) This paired with me sharing my location GPS with him on the day made sure he would find my hiding spot!
He warned that I would hear the dogs way before I saw them which was indeed right and very useful!
After about 20 people stopped to ask me what birds I was photographing, I could hear Alex and Charlotte approaching. This was it!
They walked into the perfect position and before Charlotte knew anything was unusual, she turned to Alex who was already on one knee. After capturing these first emotion filled moments I crept forward to get those all important reaction photos.
As they were being serenaded by the dogs (loudly!) Charlotte excitingly put her new engagement ring on while trying to work out what just happened! Alex pointed me out and she was so happy to know it was all caught on camera. My favorite part of the shoot was Charlotte turning to me saying ‘what’s your name?… can I hug you?!’ While shaking.

We used this beautiful spot for more photos with and without the dogs, and the announcement photos weren’t done yet. These two had another big surprise to share with their family that Alex had remembered to bring with him to the shoot. A perfect little scan photo!

What a session! After we had finished I left the newly engaged pair to soak in the view in a spot that had a whole new meaning to them now.

If you’re thinking about popping the question to the person you love and are interested in finding out more about planned or surprise proposal photography, I would love to chat with you about all the options! Proposals come under my Location Sessions and details of these can be found here.