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How to make the most of your photography viewing session

So you’ve had your photoshoot and you are eager for it to be time for your photography viewing session!


Whilst you wait, it is important to be prepared for your viewing to make the absolute most out of your time that is dedicated to making the perfect decisions.

Photography Viewing Session


The most important thing to consider is where you want to display your photographs.


How big is the space and what furniture/features are there to the walls in question? (Feel free to bring along a photo of the spaces and measurements!) You are investing in your photographs and it is important to display them perfectly to tell your story of this particular moment in your life.

How to make the most from your viewing

When you are back in the studio we will look through the gallery together and you will have the opportunity to see and touch the products to help you make a perfect choice. There are lots of options so be sure to bring everyone involved in the decision-making!

Where possible I would always advise coming on a day when you have your hands free as little ones can be a distraction. However, I know this isn’t always possible so I always have a draw full of crayons and books for them!

Photography Viewing Session
Photography Viewing Session
How to make the most from your viewing

There are lots of different types of products as well as colour choices, sizes and layouts. Your viewing appointment gives you the time to go through all of these choices whilst being able to ask me any questions you may have right there and then.

Once you are happy with your selection at the end of the session I will confirm your choices by taking full payment and placing the order.


Then the excitement of your order arriving can begin!


New Forest Studio Photography Prices


Key things to remember leading up to your viewing:

– Where you want to display your photographs, this helps you decide on sizes and styles of products

– Payment for orders must be made at your photography viewing session (I accept card, cash or bank transfer)

– Book your viewing on a day when anyone that needs to help with decision-making can also attend

– If you have any questions feel free to reach out and contact me

I look forward to showing you through your memories!

Ellie x