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New Forest Elopement


Being a part of any wedding is special but I was so grateful to be a part of Becci and Mark’s New Forest Elopement. With only two guests, both of their mums, it was such a personal ceremony to capture and witness.

The day started for me at Bartley Lodge Hotel. As I walked in I was met by the groom and the Mums. They had only just found out that they weren’t going out for afternoon tea with their children as planned. They were in fact attending their wedding!

That morning Mark had picked up his and Becci’s mum’s in a Rolls Royce. They were a little surprised by the choice of transport to take them to where they thought they were going!

What a surprise for a Tuesday morning!



Upstairs in the hotel, the beautiful bride had just finished having her hair and makeup done and was all ready to see her Mum. There’s a lovely room in Bartley Lodge with an open fire and a big wooden staircase. It was the perfect place for the big reveal!

Becci and Marks’s mums were downstairs with me. As Becci made her entrance down the staircase and both mums had such an emotional response to seeing her as a bride for the first time. Even more so because they had no idea they would be seeing her as a bride today.


New Forest Elopement


After a quick makeup check, it was time for the ceremony to begin.

The wooden-walled ballroom looked amazing, with just two white chairs and a long white carpeted aisle inside. At the end of the aisle, Mark was patiently waiting for Becci to make her entrance.

The atmosphere was just pure emotion in the room. It was such a personal moment with just 7 people in the room including myself, the registrars and the wedding coordinator.


New Forest Elopement


Becci walked down the aisle by herself towards her groom. The minute they saw each other there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Including myself!

The ceremony itself was both as formal as a wedding should be but also completely personal and special. As both the bride and groom’s mums watched on they held on to each other throughout the whole ceremony soaking in every moment.

Everyone did very well to hold in their tears for the rest of the ceremony. That was until it was announced that the bride and groom had written personal vows. It was then I heard one mum whisper ‘Oh no’. As Becky and Mark took turns to read their vows to each other everyone’s tears came flooding back!

It was so beautiful.


New Forest Elopement


After the kiss, the ceremony and the paperwork were completed, we all headed outside to the patio for some confetti photos. With the help of the wedding coordinator, a waiter on one side, the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom on the other, we showered the newlyweds with confetti as they walked outside. With just four people in the whole wedding party doing the group shots was a breeze!

Once we had done them all we sent both mums back into the bar while Becci, Mark and I went for a walk. We had so much time for couple portraits, it was lovely to walk around the garden without any onlookers. And then round to the drive where there is a little hidden wooded pathway hidden amongst the trees.


New Forest Elopement


After a lovely private photoshoot, we headed back to the patio. Both mums were waiting with the champagne. After capturing some natural candid moments my time with them was up. It was time to leave them to their afternoon (They were actually having afternoon tea in the end as promised to their mothers!).

I had such a great day witnessing something so special and capturing this New Forest Elopement it for Becci, Mark and their family to look back on.


Thank you for reading!




Venue: Bartley Lodge


Photographer: Photography By Ellie Jayne

New Forest Elopement Photographer

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