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Wedding at the Marwell Hotel

Wedding at The Marwell Hotel

– Lois & Michael –

I have been treated to some seriously wonderful April weddings this year! Lois and Michael’s was no different and just such an honour to capture for them. I also had the pleasure of my second shooter Minah working alongside me for the day.

Starting in Holbury, at the bride’s family home, I was instantly welcomed in by a very calm bridal party as they prepared for the day ahead. Downstairs the girls were being pampered by the hair and make-up artists, but upstairs is where my day began. With the dress!


Marwell Hotel
Oh my, this stunning ‘vintage gold’ gown looked absolutely perfect, even on its hanger. I was so excited to see it on the bride. The dresses, shoes and jewellery are so important to capture in all their glory before they are put on and walked down the aisle.
So, I gathered all the important accessories with the help of a bridesmaid and documented them all. Today they were an item but tomorrow they will become a memory which definitely cannot be forgotten.
It’s also worth pointing out how many pairs of outstanding ‘Irregular Choice’ heels surrounded me. Including the bride’s very Easter-appropriate bunny-heeled shoes (I say shoes…. Art is more accurate!).
Marwell Hotel


Back downstairs with the girls, excitement was building. The wedding car had arrived and they were almost finished with their hair and make-up! It was time for the dresses to finish the look.

The bridesmaids went and got dressed first and came back looking gorgeous in their emerald green dresses which were so unique! But then it was Lois’ turn to put on that amazing wedding dress. With the help of her mum Lois’ look was complete.

She was a bride.

Downstairs was wonderfully spacious, so I prepared the bridesmaids for the grand reveal of the bride. The girls did well with all eye make-up surviving (just!) seeing their friend/sister ready for her wedding day.

Marwell Hotel
The church had such a special meaning to this whole family. Built by the bride’s grandfather who was in fact conducting the ceremony for his granddaughter.
The atmosphere during the ceremony was just amazing. With everyone putting so much emotion into all the singing and friends and family playing all sorts of musical instruments. There was even a flash mob of singers during the signing of the register which was a surprise to everyone including the newlyweds!
Marwell Hotel
The ceremony was at 11 am followed by some food at the church. I have to say this was a first for me but how lovely it was for everyone to mingle in their church and see distant family and friends.
Today I had the company of a second photographer working for me and this was such a great addition to the wedding day coverage, being able to capture an extra angle on the day, especially during the ceremony.
Marwell Hotel
Before we moved on to the wedding reception at Marwell Hotel it was time to hand out the baskets and baskets of confetti that were ready and waiting. I could already tell this was going to be a good confetti tunnel, just from the sheer amount of confetti to hand! One guest even had some confetti canons hidden in the car… Let’s just say they will be finding confetti for a while!
Marwell Hotel

Onto the reception venue, I was so glad the weather had cleared up just in time to do some group photos outside. We had already done some lovely bride and groom portraits at the church with the wedding car. However, the garden at the Marwell Hotel is like a little private wood so we headed out to do some more there too!

While I was out with the bride and groom my second photographer Minah was with the guests taking some candid shots of them mingling with each other, another great angle on the day!

The reception room at Marwell Hotel looked amazing and suited the bride and groom to a T. Completely designed and created by the mother of the bride. She had customised every last detail to be Disney, Harry Potter or Lord of the rings themed (among a few others I may have not mentioned!). I have to say, the cake I had a soft spot for… Wall-E cake toppers guys… So cute!


Marwell Hotel


After the wedding breakfast, it was the boys’ turn for their speeches. I know they were nervous but what a great job they all did. They got through them without a single tear (it was a close one though!).

The evening guests were already arriving to join in on the party, the day had flown by. There was just one more thing for me to capture, the first dance. Surrounded by their friends and family Mr and Mrs Parr twirled and swayed for their first dance as husband and wife.

Soon it was time for everyone else to join in on the dancing. After catching some great moves it was time for me to leave them to it. I had a blast! Lois and Michael you guys are awesome and we had such a great time making some memories on your wedding day!

Thank you for having me and congratulations once again!


Marwell Hotel

Thank you for reading!


Ellie x


Photographer: Photography by Ellie Jayne

Wedding at the Marwell Hotel

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