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Location session

Is a location session right for me?


Are you looking for a relaxed and natural session to make memories and capture your family just as they are? A location session is absolutely for you. Whether it’s in your home or out and about in a place that’s special to you, it’s an authentic and fun way to grab those memories and keep them forever.


Location session


Don’t have a special place in mind? No problem! I have used countless spots for beautiful photos of families, proposals, dogs and more. Just ask me for some ideas, tell me if you have anything in mind and together we can find a perfect spot for your family photos.

I always make sure my permit is up to date for The New Forest National Park so if a romantic, forest setting is what you are after then there are many to choose from! If you’re more about the beach then that’s no problem!

I have also done photoshoots from sunrise to sunset too so if the time of day is important to you it really can make a difference in the final look of your images. If your photoshoot involves children then of course take this into account to fit around when they feel their best.


Location session


Location sessions are also a great way to get used to being in front of my camera ahead of your wedding day and I often meet up with my brides and grooms ahead of the day for an engagement session. These can be at their wedding venue in Hampshire, Dorset and beyond or closer to home in Dibden Purlieu! I visit many wedding venues across Hampshire, Dorset and beyond and it is important to check with your venue to get permission and make sure they are available and happy for us to be there.


Location session


But what do I wear?

Clothing is SO important to get the most out of your photos. You are going to display these photos with pride for years to come so you want to be looking and feeling great.

Coordination goes a looooooooong way with photoshoots and it can, if done right, make your photos timeless.



I always recommend picking 1-3 colours and whoever is in your photos coordinating with those colours. One person in a pattern is fine, but 5 people all in patterns can be a BIG distraction. Simple is often the most flattering and preferred option. For example, a neutral colour scheme, cream dresses, off-white t-shirts, and chino shorts look amazing on the beach or in the sunflowers.

Warm rich colours such as burgundy, dark jeans, browns etc suit a photo shoot in The New Forest.



These are only ideas, the choices are endless, I am always happy to help if you are unsure of what will look best. If you are still not quite sure if a location session is best for you then my warm and cosy studio is based in Dibden Purlieu roughly 20 minutes from Southampton.



Click here to see my location session information pack. 

If you are interested in booking location photography or you would like more information please do get in touch


Ellie x


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