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Being on call for a birth can be a little bit stressful at times, 24 hours a day needing to be ready to drop everything and head to the hospital/home where it’s taking place. However the second that call does come through I get an instant rush of excitement and adrenaline that it’s time!

Some people don’t quite understand birth photography and focus on it being photos of you ‘at your worst’ (their words not mine) when actually this is you at your most powerful, brave and let’s face it one of the most memorable times in your life. You’ve spent 9 months growing a new life, which even though I have my own daughter, will always continue to baffle and amaze me what our bodies can do. During pregnancy you spend so long thinking about what it’s going to be like meeting your baby for the first time and seeing what they look like fresh from the womb. 
It’s such an honour to be asked to come into a woman’s birthing space and capture those moments for them. When Kira asked me to photograph her second home birth I couldn’t wait! 
Just before 4am on the 20th August I got a call from Kira, who in between contractions told me things were progressing fast. Luckily it took me minutes to get dressed and hop in the car as when I arrived it was clear she wasn’t wrong! 


The lounge was lit with candles and the birthing pool was running with fairy lights set up inside. There were family and wedding photos all around which was so lovely and created a really cozy, family space.

I arrived at about 4.20am and got to work while Kira labored while her husband helped her through each wave. The midwives hadn’t yet arrived and it quickly became clear that this baby was coming whether they were here or not!


Just in time there was a knock at the door, at the same time Kira’s waters broke and the midwives only just had time to get their gloves on before baby N arrived on the living room floor. It is totally up to you what you would like to be photographed and Kira had told me to photograph anything that may happen. The results are some beautifully raw images of her baby boy first entering the world, something that at the time she was too busy to see herself!

These first few moments with their new baby are so precious and create the most amazing photographs. As they took in his features, cuddled him and double checked he was definitely a boy!  Their eldest child was soundly asleep upstairs, unaware of the new arrival waiting for her downstairs however at just 15 minutes old baby N was able to meet his big sister for the first time. 


The midwives then did their checks and everyone guessed what weight they thought the baby was, we were all very wrong! Kira had delivered all 10lb6oz of him almost entirely on her own with just her husband by her side and she absolutely smashed it.

Because of the extremely quick arrival, the birth pool was unused but once warmed back up L quickly hopped in for a splash. Kira and the baby also enjoyed a celebratory soak in the warm water too. The relaxed atmosphere was just lovely, the breakfast bagels were in the toaster and Moana was on the TV. Just like a normal morning in the house.


Welcome to the world baby N!



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I am based in The New Forest and can do Birth Photography in Princess Ann in Southampton, The New Forest Birth Centre in Ashurst and the surrounding areas for home births very quickly, day or night!


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Home Birth Photographer in The New Forest