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Fairytale Meadow Wedding

Fairytale Meadow Wedding


This blog is a slightly different angle of a wedding day than normal but it’s definitely just as important as my usual!

2019 was a year of absolutely breathtaking weddings for me. Each month I seem to find myself saying ‘now this is one of my top weddings for sure!‘ But oh my; where do I even begin with the 6th of July 2019?

So, I mentioned that this will be a slightly different take on a wedding. This is because I had the absolute pleasure of working with the lovely Nicky for this day in particular. And unlike my usual weddings where I have my second photographer working for me, I got to be Nicky’s second photographer for the day!

I always explain to all of my clients the endless benefits of having two photographers covering your big day. Whether it be to get groom preparation photos as well as the bride or to capture that all-important extra angle in the church (usually looking down the aisle from the back).

The morning of Sam and Jake’s wedding arrived. While Nicky was busy doing her thing over with the bride and bridesmaids, I arrived where the groom was getting ready with his parents and groomsmen.

This whole portion of the wedding day is so often not thought about because ‘men only need five minutes to get ready’. Although I do agree with that statement, from a photographer’s perspective there are so many moments of a groom’s morning worth capturing too!

I started with the detail shots.

Like the bride, the groom has plenty of bits and pieces that have been carefully chosen during the planning process. Jake did have an exceptionally nice suit which I enjoyed hanging from the garden trees to photograph. But his shoes, tie and aftershave were also very special touches to remember.

The father of the groom took me to one side and told me about a little surprise Jake’s bride had arranged for him in the form of a beautiful pocket watch. On the front was a message from the bride. Inside was a photograph of the groom’s grandfather to carry with him on this special day.

The moments I captured following him opening the pocket watch were so full of emotion. I suddenly felt a wave of hay fever hit me…

It wasn’t a tear honest!



Another benefit of having two photographers is that when the boys headed off to the ceremony location, in this case a cosy church in the countryside, I was able to go with them. Even as they pop into the pub down the road for a pint!



Back at the church

The guests were arriving and the groomsmen set about their jobs organising guests and handing out the orders of service. After a few extra nervous minutes for the boys (or twenty!), the bride arrived fashionably late and made her entrance.



With Nicky at the front of the church and myself at the back, we had two completely different views of the ceremony. Because this church was on the small side it was perfect having us both at opposite ends.

After the ceremony, it was back out into the glorious sunshine for the confetti tunnel. As I was milling around, doing some really lovely relaxed photographs of guests talking to each other, Nicky was able to capture those all-important group photos of the bride and groom’s close family.



Now onto the reception…

Oh my. When I say I pretty much had goosebumps from the second I walked through the first flower arch to the second I left it is not an exaggeration.

It. Was. Stunning.

The reception took place in a field on the family farm. It was complete with a fairytale bridge to an island, a marquee adorned with the most gorgeous florals and decorations as well as some multi-coloured glamping tents on the other side of the field.

It was a fairytale meadow wedding!

Absolutely no detail was forgotten. There was a ‘watering hole’ with buckets of ice cold drinks, decorations made from copper pipe which were very appropriate for this groom as he is a plumber and even an insta frame over on the island.

I really loved moving around and capturing all the little details that obviously had so much thought put into them.

Candid moments, the ones no one sees you take. The relaxed, in-the-moment shots. This is THE MOST important part of having a second photographer (in my opinion!). Whilst Nicky set about finishing some of the groups now we were at the reception, I was able to move around as everyone enjoyed a drink and a chat in the sunshine.



The speeches were before the meal and, because of the glorious weather we were having, the marquee had three open sides letting in all the beautiful light.

My focus was on the guest’s reactions to all the jokes and stories being told while Nicky was focusing on the top table. I have to say the atmosphere at this wedding was brilliant. You could tell everyone there was just having the absolute best day. You can definitely feel that when looking back through the photos.



After the meal, we took the bride and groom off for some portraits. Not only did we have the stunning bridge surrounded by lily pads but there was a field a few metres from us with tall grass that we just had to make use of!



Soon the evening guests arrived giving us more greetings and conversations to capture as we moved around the venue. I loved how they had the marquee set up. The main part was the traditional white tent and a small section at the back had a black ceiling and walls with tiny lights in.

Due to our long summer evenings shining down on the tent, this darker area really set the ambience for the first dance. After a few looks of confused faces, trying to work their confetti canons, a group of guests showered the dance floor with hundreds of brightly coloured pieces of confetti.



Later on, the band began and got people dancing amongst the carpet of confetti now covering the dance floor. Once we had caught some interesting dance moves it was time to leave them to party the night away!



I had a blast working alongside Nicky (Nichola Muir Photography) and being a part of this absolutely breathtaking fairytale meadow wedding day!


Thanks for reading!


Ellie x


Photography: Photography by Ellie Jayne


Location: Fairytale Meadow Wedding England

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