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Dog friendly photographer

Are you dog friendly?


Can I bring my dogs? This is a question that excites me when I get asked it by a client.

Short answer: Yes


Long answer: YESSSSSSSSS!
Dog friendly photographer

I am a dog friendly photographer and I am unapologetically a major dog lover. I adore meeting your babies and families and in my opinion, this very much includes your doggos!

Whether it’s a studio session or out and about, your dog can absolutely be part of your family photos. I do love to know beforehand so I can plan the session to incorporate them. I am also very much used to bouncy, crazy dogs that are bursting with character from owning one myself so please don’t worry if your dog is being….. a dog!

Dog friendly photographer

My studio has a fenced garden for them to use. And I am based right next to the forest so a great way to burn off some excitement after their photos are finished! 

If it’s a newborn session you would like to bring your dog to then don’t worry. Any photos with the baby and dog together can be photographed separately and photoshopped together. This ensures that the baby is safe from any accidental knocks or licks!

Be sure to bring some high-value treats with you (for the dog and your children!) when you come for your session and we will capture some beautiful family memories!

Dog friendly photographer

If you are interested in booking a dog friendly photographer or you would like more information please do get in touch!


Location: The New Forest Hampshire


Photographer: Photography By Ellie Jayne