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Baby Milestone Photos - 1st Birthday Cake

Their First Year

Baby Milestone Photos Hampshire

Are you expecting a baby and constantly reminded how quickly it is going to go? I know this feeling very well and I wish I could say otherwise, but it is very true. The milestone bundle was created to help you be able to keep those fleeting memories forever of your little one while they grow.

Starting with a maternity session…

At around 36+ weeks (if you have missed this or would prefer not to have one it can be swapped for a family session later on), I capture your gorgeous growing bump that has quite frankly done something that will always blow my mind. Maternity sessions can be done in the studio or at a location, if you have a vision let’s do it! These sessions are usually up to 45 minutes or so.

A few short weeks after the maternity session…

It will be time to bring your brand new baby back to me. Newborn sessions are done in my cosy studio where you can feed and relax in peace. Often I will have done some photos at your maternity session that I will recreate now your baby is in your arms, a beautiful before and after memory. Newborn sessions take longer and the baby is completely in charge, if we need to stop for feeds, changes or just a snuggle then we absolutely will. This is why I allow 2-4 hours for these sessions.

The next session

Is usually around 6-9 months when your little one masters their latest skill, sitting! This session is a great update of all their rolls and smiles that have arrived since their first week. This is an amazing age to photograph and definitely one to be remembered! These sessions are usually about 30-45 minutes long, they tend to be in the studio however they can also be a location session.

And one of the favourite baby milestone photos…

The first birthday cake smash! Before you know it, a whole year has passed you by since that little bundle was first put into your arms. I have many themes and sets to choose from and can accommodate most requests! I have also done cake smashes out and about on location and they are just as beautiful! Prepare for mess, splash time (if in the studio) and a great birthday celebration. These sessions are also about 45 minutes long and you are more than welcome to keep the cake afterwards but it may not look its best!

As I mentioned at the start of this blog, if you have missed the maternity stage, or just didn’t want it then this is where you would book your 4th session. A family session done at around the 18 months mark. Your little one will likely be running and laughing and full of character now which makes for an excellent update! These can be done in the studio or on location however if you have a particularly energetic runner on your hands a location session works perfectly to capture them in their element.


And there you have it!

A timeless collection of memories of your baby’s first years to remember and look back on as they grow. These baby milestone photos package not only saves you money as a bundle but also gives you a little timeline so nothing sails by without you documenting it. I don’t charge extra for twins/multiples however if you would like extra cakes for multiples this would be a small supplement.
If you have any questions please get in touch, I take bookings from the 20-week scan. However if your baby is already here then please don’t panic, just contact me as soon as possible and I can see what I can do!
Information on photoshoots and packages can be found on my studio page.

Ellie x