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Athelhampton House Wedding

Athelhampton House Wedding 

– Jed & Olivia –


I’m back!

After a far too long blog hiatus, I’m jump-starting them again with a spectacular venue, Athelhampton House in Dorchester.

If you’re looking for a stately home with endless amounts of stunning gardens that are bursting with colourful flowers, water features, long tree ‘tunnels’ and even its own bridge this ticks all those boxes and more! I am honoured to be on the recommended suppliers list at Athelhampton House and it’s always a pleasure visiting!

My most recent visit to Athelhampton was for the incredible summer wedding of Mr & Mrs Murray. They had the entire day there, making use of all the buildings and gardens Athelhampton has to offer.


In the morning

I met the girls in the main house, a beautifully kept Tudor mansion that they had all to themselves. The rooms are beautiful, with cast iron baths and gorgeous wooden decor. There was so much space for everyone to get ready for the big day without it being crowded in there.



Today the wedding ceremony…

Was in the great hall, however you can also have outdoor ceremonies here. In the great hall it’s very Hogwarts-esque, there’s a huge stone fireplace and the most stunning window I have ever seen that makes for a perfect spot for couple photos later on in the day, no matter what the weather.



After the ceremony

All the guests spilt outside for canapes and drinks, there’s so much to see at this venue and this is a great time for your guests to explore. As long as they aren’t needed for group shots that is!



This has to be one of my favourite venues to wander off with the newlyweds for their first photos as a married couple! It is stunning. There are endless spots to go to that you can be sure you won’t be seen by others (which can be off-putting when having your photos taken!) These private moments always make beautiful photos. 



The reception

and the rest of the evening kicks off in a unique glass-roofed building, the light in here is amazing and as a photographer, you really appreciate those sorts of things!



Now back to that driveway

It’s not only the driveway, It’s also the aisle for the outdoor ceremonies. The longest aisle I have ever seen! So if you’re looking for a grand entrance, this has to be it! Here are some photos from Mr & Mrs Ferryman’s wedding day at Athelhampton showing the aisle in all its glory.



Thank you for sticking with me on this little blog and if you are planning a wedding then happy planning and I would love to hear from you!

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Ellie x


Venue: Athelhampton House


Photographer: Photography By Ellie Jayne

Athelhampton House Wedding Photographer