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Athelhampton House Wedding

– Jack & Sian –


2019 has been another year of beautiful venues! Jack & Sian’s STUNNING Athelhampton House Wedding was definitely up there with my favourite venues that’s for sure.

Athelhampton is a fairytale building at the end of a long grass-lined driveway. The gardens have so many perfect backdrops at every turn. The really unique feature of this venue is the long sweeping driveway is in fact a very long aisle. The ceremony takes place outside the front of the house. It was a glorious summer’s day which made everything look even more perfect.



In the morning…

I was with the bride at a nearby hotel whilst my second photographer El was on another floor with the groom and his groomsmen. This hotel was another perfect choice with space and lots of pretty ‘props’ to use for the detail shots. If you have read many of my blogs you will know by now that I love to work with my second shooters! Not only does it allow the groom to get prep photos in the morning but it creates two views of the aisle and another angle to the candid moments during the day.



Once the boys were ready…

They headed to the bar with El to calm their nerves before they went on to the wedding venue.

I stayed with the bride until the finishing touches were done and the father of the bride had come in to see his beautiful daughter as a bride for the first time. People always ask me if I get emotional at weddings, MOST of the time I’m so fully focused on what I’m capturing that I keep a dry eye but this ‘first look’ with Sian’s dad definitely brought a tear to my eyes! It was such a beautiful moment they can remember forever.

Once we had all dried our eyes it was time for the main event!

When I arrived at Athelhampton House the guests were heading down the long driveway to their seats and El, my second photographer had been with them while I was with the bride.

Jack was ready and waiting for the arrival of his soon-to-be wife. I mean talk about entrances, the car pulled in through the enormous metal gates and once the bridesmaids had made their entrance it was time for everyone to see the bride. There may have been a tear or two down at the groom’s end of the aisle… But don’t tell him I told you!

Sian looked amazing and I’m sure she felt like a princess walking down that driveway with her dad by her side.

I absolutely love wedding ceremonies where the bride and grooms laugh all the way through, and Sian and Jack really did! It was an emotion-packed ceremony with some more tears as well as lots of laughter and smiles from everyone.

The main entrance was a beautiful stone porch with a grand wooden door, this was where Sian and Jack stood for the most important part of the ceremony and where they later sat to sign the register.

They did it!

After the ceremony, everyone made the most of the summer sunshine (as well as the shade!) as they mingled and congratulated the new Mr and Mrs Ferryman!

We used a lovely archway for the confetti tunnel and then I snuck off with the bride and groom for their couple portraits. I love this time being as private as possible, this lets the bride and groom soak it all in with no guests chatting to them and really enjoy the ‘oh my gosh we’re married!’ bubble.

Honestly, this place was stunning.

There were bridges, archways, gardens, enormous shaped bushes, tree-lined paths, ponds and flowers every time you turned a corner! I could have gotten lost in there for days!

We captured some beautiful portraits of the two of them before heading back over to the reception.

The reception was in another building that had a glass roof so the room was flooded with gorgeous light. The speeches were hilarious, I won’t name and shame but someone let the whole family know about a certain piercing they thought they got away with!

Back outside…

It was time to play the Mr&Mrs game! I love this game, it gets everyone laughing and chatting. We set it up on the gravel drive with the house in the background and the game did not disappoint. The bride’s brother hosted the game and came up with some excellent questions.

Afterwards, the cake was brought out to the lawn to be cut. I have to say not many of the cake cuttings I have photographed have been outside but I fell a little bit in love with the set-up.

As the sunset…

We did a few more photographs with just the bride and groom before they headed in for their evening party! The glass-roofed room had been emptied of tables, clearing the way for the first dance.

So I mentioned earlier about people asking me if I get emotional at weddings… The first dance gets me every time! It’s such a special moment because for me it’s the bride and groom’s ‘we made it!’ moment. As they dance around the dance floor wrapped up in each other’s arms there is always happiness, maybe some tears and lots of love.

I may have mentioned that I loved Jack and Sian’s Athelhampton House Wedding but I also loved working with them. They and their families were so so lovely and it was a pleasure to capture such special moments of their life stories!

Photographer: Photography by Ellie Jayne

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